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Composer song writer Dizzy O’Brian creates new music in a fusion style that combines elements of pop and classical music.

This new music has become very popular with many listeners across the internet. You can read about the experiences that caused the creation of this new music and sample it here on this blog. Dizzy O’Brian is the stage name of Brian Beshore who trained as a musician at the Peabody Music Conservatory in Baltimore. Even though classically trained, he soon embraced many different styles of music, playing in many different types of groups from Symphony Orchestras to Blues groups, to modern music groups. He always had the idea of creating a type of fusion music that would freely combine these various styles of music although this went against the prevailing thought at that time. Nevertheless he stayed true to his musical convictions and made music the way he wanted to hear it. The Result was three albums with much more in the works. The next album is planned to be an album of twelve songs.

New music '4 Good Measure'

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